Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ah the Colors

My ancestors hail from Sicily. Well, actually, some of them hail from Spain. Back at the time of the Inquisition, they, Sephardic Jews, escaped to Sicily. These three pieces are NOT based on Sicilian scenes, but, you may recognize, from Venice, Italy. They are loosely based on my concept of how that amazing city must appear. I’ve been told by people who have visited there, that they do accurately depict the wetness and certainly the colors. They also represent my first foray entirely away from realism. Where I just laid out a multitude of bright paint colors on my palette and began dashing off buildings and water and boats. It was fun and carefree and boundary free, except for the edges of my canvases, of course. One is sold, but my buyer hasn’t decided which to purchase. I’m looking forward to that decision.