Monday, March 2, 2015

The First Oil

We have two ponds on our property, one of which is about 200 ft. from our house, at the western edge of our yard. For more than 33 years I have observed no end of pond birds, including blue herons, usually one summer resident, and that resident won't tolerate the visitation of others of his (her) kind. I discovered, the first summer, that if I wore a particular bright pink vest, I could slowly approach the pond without the heron flying. One day, while my mother was visiting, I had her put on the vest, and she was able to approach the pond and observe the heron close-up. This portrait of a blue heron was my first venture into oil painting, September, 2014. He's obviously stalking. Herons, when stalking, can walk through water without leaving the slightest ripple. Since I most often work from photos, the model for this painting comprises elements of four photos, and certainly some artistic interpretation.

                                                 "Heron" 11 x 14, oil on gessoed board

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